2-month-old Krishhney has a PAN card

Mumbai: Krishhney Sameer Thacker is a PAN card holder. However, lying amused in the lap of his father it will be many years before the two-month-old bothers about filing the Income Tax returns.

Krishhney is the youngest PAN card holder of India. The title was held before by two month-and-a-week-old Panrika Sahu of Indore and three-month-old Ayush Ranjan Rout of Rourkela.

Krishhney's father, Sameer Thacker, who runs a stock-broking firm had applied to the department for a PAN card for his son on March 14 and was issued one on March 26. "I wanted to make some investment in my son's name so I applied for his PAN card fulfilling all requirements. On March 26, I received the card," Mr. Sameer said. For Krishhney, the fortunes are already piling up. "I have already made an investment of Rs.1.5 lakh in mutual funds and shares in my son's name. I intend to make him a partner in my firm," Mr. Sameer said.

Chandrakant, the grandfather of Krishhney, too had got a PAN card in the name of his son Sameer, when he was 13. For Krishhney's dentist mother, Krupa Thacker, the PAN card would make her son a legal owner of all the capital being invested in his name. "Our life seems so uncertain. We wanted to ensure our child would not have to depend on others for his well-being," Ms. Krupa said.

A senior income tax official said, "Krishhney could possibly be the youngest PAN cardholder in the country as per our records."


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