DVD Cloner 4

As the name suggests, DVD Cloner copies DVDs. But that's not it, here are some of the features of the software.
The DVD Cloner 4 can churn out DVD copies/clones, which means you don't lose a single frame of the bonus footage, subs, audio, language option s or menus. It also has the capability to decrypt CSS encryption all on its own. You can save a copy on your hard drive or burn it on to a disc.

It can shrink/compress a full length (DVD-9 or Dual-layered DVD) to a regular 4.5 GB DVD/DVD-5 and you can also copy from one dual-layered disc to another. DVD Cloner also has a 'Movie Only' mode that omits all the additional footage and menus thereby requiring less compression.

Another useful feature of the DVD Cloner is the ability to convert your DVDs to multiple formats like AVI, MPEG or SVCD. It also includes the latest decryption codes including the ability to copy Sony films.

One of the most useful features of this software would be its ability to recover damaged DVDs which means you can now possibly recover data from those scratched discs you try so hard to read from. Thus theoretically, making a copy that is superior to the original itself.

On an average, it takes around 3 minutes to copy a single D5 on to your hard drive and around 5 minutes for a D9. DVD burning speed depends on the maximum attainable by the burner and the media as well. We used 8x media and found that it took around 8-9 minutes to burn a D5 and since at the time of testing the DVD Cloner only a 2x D9 was available we carried out our tests on that. It took nearly 45 minutes to burn a 2x D9.
Memory usage when copying from disc to hard drive was just over the 12K mark, same when burning the disc as well.

We tried out the custom copy, movie only and the fix copy modes as well.

The Custom Copy and Movie Mode turned out pretty well. There was a minimal loss in quality but it is quite manageable. The Fix Copy on the other hand was a tricky test.

Because there are no known standards for scratched discs, we could not really settle down on a single or set of discs to try out. So, we just used a few discs that could not be fully read using normal burners and had various levels/intensities of scratches.

Of the three reading designs in the DVD Cloner, we used the ASPI design. Most of the times the DVD Cloner was able to recover 'scratched' data. But that again depends on how bad the scratches are. If they are too deep, you can't do anything. How deep is too deep? That's an answer you'll have to find for yourself.

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