Favorites Plus allows you to convert your Internet Explorer favorites into
an HTML web page with the click of a button. Once you upload the page to a
location on the Internet, you can access your favorites from anywhere in the
world! Although Internet Explorer already includes a favorites export
feature, it lacks the many customization features available in Favorites
Plus. It will NOT help you organize anything, but it will enable you to
quickly create a web page that you can use as your default homepage that can
contain only the links that you use a lot; in a sense, a bookmark-launcher
home page. - This program is a great addition to any system. It can quickly
convert/display all your Favourites as HTML files that can be easily
transported by floppy, USB drives etc to another computer or just read on
another computer.

Favorites Plus Website:
http://www.borngeek .com/software/


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