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We think free education is not possible especially in countries like INDIA. But all top universities in the world including our IIT's are offering free education to everyone through video lectures, audio lectures and animations ( interactive). But a few of us know about them. This is an effort to create awareness about the Best free educational resources available in the world.
Here are

Free video lectures and animations on all subjects

Joint venture by IIT's and IISc

MIT Open Course

MIT world

MIT lecture Browser

World Lecture Hall

WGBH Forum Network

Vega Science Trust

Micro Biology Video Library


National Institutes of Health

HBR Idea Cast Archive

Interviews with Great Entrepreneurs

HARVARD Working Knowledge

Stanford University Videos

Knowledge @ Wharton

Huge Collection of many other including the above all

Other Useful Search Engines

Google Book Search

Google Code Search

Google Scholar Search

Educational Special Search Engine


Anonymous said...

Thank you. It is of the greatest free educational website.

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