Windows 7 tips and tricks - Find everything faster with powerful search tools

The Windows® 7operating system was designed in response to user feedback, so it features improvements that make it faster, more reliable, and easier for your government agency to use. Windows 7 also helps provide greater security and manageability for local and remote computers helps improve performance and reliability. We’ve gathered some Windows 7 tips and tricks here to help make you even more productive!

Find everything faster with powerful search tools

Instant recall. Quickly find that file you worked on last week. Rest your mouse pointer over a program name, or right-click an icon on the taskbar—a Windows 7 Jump List appears, displaying the documents you used most recently and most often.

Highlight search queries. Windows 7 Search results highlight words from your query within snippets of file content or the file path so you can find the best results more easily.

The library is open. Libraries make it easy to view, organize, manage, and find files that are stored in more than one place, and they are automatically indexed to allow faster viewing and searching. Use the existing libraries in Windows 7, or create your own.

No stone unturned. Windows 7 search connectors can help you quickly find and organize the information you need—beyond your PC and across certain sites. If you see the Search connector button on your corporate website, double-click it to add a search connector for the site.

Sort search results logically. The content view mode in Windows 7 Search includes labels for all properties for each item (file type, size, file path, date modified, and more), so your search results are easier to interpret

Search results as you type. The Instant Search box in Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 returns search results in real time as you type. And the search results can include pictures and rich text, so it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for.

Cast a wider net. Internet Explorer 8 is working with top search providers, such as Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, and Amazon, to help deliver immediate answers along with available imagery as you type your search query. Search also uses your browsing history to make searching even easier.

Find anything. Finding anything on your PC and external hard disk drives is easy—from programs and documents to songs.

Simply open the Start menu and type in the search box. Select what you want from the list of instant search results.

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